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A handy tip for Diabetics

Thought of something really small but helpful *in my view* for all diabetics and/or their caretakers.

Since my mom is a diabetic this is one thing I always do…whenever I meet her.

Due to diabetes an individual can lose nerve sensations consequently leading to “not feeling anything” even when they get hurt. And if due attention is not paid it could lead to a severe infection…and possible risk of gangrene. Once a wound becomes gangrenous, amputation becomes an inevitable tragedy… 😦

All that you need to do is make sure that your diabetic near-dear ones regularly check their feet (soles) for any cut or wound. If they think it sounds crazy or “useless” ‘coz nothing has happenedthey don’t feel anything… IGNORE and pick up those feet to examine. Do not neglect spaces between fingers. Any slight cut or wound you see make sure its tended well. Neglect can have its consequences 😐

Remember this *triplet* of mine:

Diabetics may not feel the pain from a wound.

Wounds in diabetic individuals take longer to heal.

You LOVE them… 🙂




What makes us fat?

I recently finished working on the nutritional analysis of an interesting cookbook called ‘Accessory Recipes for Magical Mealtimes , written by Bhavna J Mishra where I have proposed the Essential Super11 nutrients important in your diet and then rated all the recipes for their presence. The book shows you how to make easy and delicious recipes that not only accessorize and extend your main course but also raise the nutritional profile of your food. The recipes are mostly made using a variety of fresh ingredients.

Bhavna, the author of the book, sent me a request to do a post on a question that is relevant to most people. The question was simple-What makes us fat?

To answer this question, I would first like to touch upon the fact about the excess fat on our bodies what is it and where does it come from?

The fat  on our body is one of our body’s ways to compress and stash away calories that it is unable to consume or burn either at the time of consumption or even at a later stage.

So when you eat this is what happens-

  1. Whatever you eat whether it’s a slice of bread or a spoon of butter, a lump of meat or a bowl full of fruits, first of all the body progressively breaks down all of this to be able to absorb it and produce  energy. The body digests this complex food into the most basic metabolites–so it could be a molecule of glucose, an amino acid or a fatty acid depending on the food source, and then it is able to use these for various functions of the body
  2. To fulfill its energy needs, the body dives into this pool of basic nutrients and uses whatever is available to it, this is related to the size of deposits of that nutrient and also the amount of your intake. So if you have been fasting or doing heart rate raising exercise and consume a spoonful of glucose, that’s what will go first and instantly however if you are someone who is on a low carbohydrate diet it will either use the protein or the fat to find its energy source. A normal body will oxidize food in the following order of availability-first carbohydrates (unless you are consuming alcohol, in which case alcohol takes precedence over everything else), then protein and lastly dietary fats. Metabolites which are produced by the body from the oxidation of food are used for various physiological processes.
  3. Once all the requirements are taken care of, it looks at what’s still left in the pool and like the leftover food from a meal is either packed into smaller containers and put into the refrigerator for later use or whatever is not require is discarded, likewise:
    • The body stores excess dietary fat as fat in the body. This fat deposit is drawn on only in an extreme situation where both carbohydrates and proteins are unavailable and the body has to  fulfill its energy needs.
    • Body also stores excess carbohydrates in the form of glycogen in the muscles and in the liver or as freely available glucose in the blood.
    • Proteins are also stored in the body in the form of lean muscle mass. The amount of protein stores of the body are quite substantial as compared to the amount of dietary protein that we actually consume.

Fundamentally, body fat stores increase when caloric intake exceeds caloric output basically whenever you consume more than what you burn. Essentially that is pretty much the gist of eating light, eat less than what you burn. One last bit about why not cut out the fats entirely; it is because you would not really benefit from cutting fats below the 10%, as at that level, carbohydrates do start to convert to fat deposits while the other essential functions of fats in the body are also hampered

Although Bhavna asks this question which relates specifically to losing weight, I would like to say that the nice well-rounded healthful way of cooking and the raw colorful ingredients which she very nicely incorporates in her recipes featured in this book could be the road that you’ve got to keep following. Consuming more of the delicious accessories assures that you have less room for more calories laden main courses while ensuring the very important inflow of essential nutrients that are vital for health and well-being.

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Shopping & Tantrum-y kids?!!

“Mom I want that chocolate”, “Mom I want that drink”, “Mom my friend brought those chips… I want them too”. These are some of the very commonly (over)heard requests (read: orders) made by kids which if not fulfilled by (very) annoying wailings in a supermarket. I am positive many of you would’ve experienced it too! 😐

Well such scenes are not entirely the fault of kids. They are merely influenced by exciting and appealing advertising which is made worse by parents who yield to these whims. While doing so parents think they are caring and loving who pay attention to all the wishes made by their kids. Unfortunately in my opinion they are the opposite kinds. Unintentionally they are spoiling their kids beyond redemption. The best solution to this issue would be to not to yield to these wishes. Once, twice, thrice and the kid would know that throwing tantrums is surely not going to get him anything. All you’ve to do is be firm, be consistent, be strict (if needed) but don’t scold. Scolding is messy!

Anyway you can’t stop or change what is being advertised but you can surely inculcate in your kids the habit of choosing the healthier foods (and for sure behaving themselves when in a supermarket!). Tell them they can have a chocolate but not every day and every time they step inside a shop. Never use the bribing technique and say “if you don’t yell and scream in the supermarket and/or shop today you’ll get a chocolate (or anything else for that matter)”. Believe me you are not helping. You are only creating a problem. Some people would disagree and say this is not bribing but only giving them an incentive. Well this ‘incentive’ will be an incentive if it is positive in real terms. Maybe you can promise your kids to buy a book of their choice (or even yours if they are not capable of selecting themselves) if they behave well during the entire month. So you give them an incentive which is not harming them while making it monthly you economize also. B-)

Albeit I’ve largely mentioned chocolates in this article I am implying the whole thing on other foods also-like chips, cookies, wafers, drinks, candies, etc. in short anything for which a kid would throw tantrum in a shopping place which may (or may not be) humiliating or embarrassing for you it can be quite annoying for the other people who are shopping in the same place after a long & tiring day at work. Screaming kids is the last thing they’d want. And before you get this feeling “why bother if someone else is getting annoyed? They are just kids who would make noise!” remember you can be in their shoes too.

You are ones responsible for your kids so help them to become better kids…happy ones. This way you’ll make life easier for so many people 😀

I am not anti-kids (which this post might convey) but if I hear these screams once again I don’t know what I will do! :-s

P.S. I am not married and I don’t have kids. I am just one of those (few or lot?!!) who can’t stand no-reason tantrums/noise made my kids while am shopping 😐


My feel good poem

For some strange reason I love this poem! It’s that rebellious and aggressive me…which usually doesn’t surfaces at least not as frequently as it used to before 😀 Originally published on August 14, 2009.


I am subtly conspicuous

Enough to make you curious.

If you think I love to be famous

Then lemme tell you I enjoy being anonymous.


Am I an open book?

No I am not.

To you, puny I look?

For me you are less than a dot.


I like pink

‘coz it doesn’t let me sink.

But don’t you dare to think

That I won’t say you stink!!


I am crazy in some or the other way

Don’t tell me, I know it well.

Since you are not here to stay

Take my word, go to hell.


P.S. This has not evolved out of frustration or anything. It doesn’t even target anyone. I think I just wanted to write another one on myself so wrote it. I am gonna call it my feel-good-poem. Enjoy!


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My dreams for one day

All that I will say it was more like a ‘customized’ and ‘written-to-suit’ one…which is why it looks and sounds really silly! Might not even make sense to the sensible readers out there owing to all the ‘encryptions’ 😉


Walking with you on a crowded street,

or on a lonely road, hand in hand.

Getting lost with you

in my la la land,

running barefoot splashing water,

kicking you while kicking the sand!

Lying on a barren land,

watching the starry sky,

searching for a “white haired hag”,

finding her and stuffing in a big bag,

n giving you one full day to brag! (buhahahaha!!)

Sitting with you in front of me,

christening you with new nicknames to nag,

n asking you to ask “silly” questions,

from your fave mag!

Eating chocos n polos n your head

n dozing out in your arms to wake up recharged,

to turn into a “monkey”,

to share your evening tea!

Showering the surroundings with

your if not mine “not-so-bad” singing!

Popcorn making n movie watching

sound like a true blessing

but predictable so boring! 😉

Unexpected n unintended…

Doing unplanned things in a very unplanned way,

is what I dream to be a part of my crazy dream for “this” day.


P.S. Don’t remember when did I write this one. Found it today in my documents, so here it is now. (This note was included with this poem when I published it on August 9, 2009).